Bio Based High-Performance Alternative to PVC Tile Flooring 2020

Ever heard of Bio-based tile (BBT) or bio-based flooring (BBF)?

Unlike traditional PVC, these flooring products are primarily made of natural products, including rapidly renewable resources like corn, cork, bamboo, and linoleum.

Other eco-friendly products may be fabricated mostly of limestone with a bio-based polyester binder, which may be considered as bio-based alternatives to PVC flooring like luxury vinyl and wood plastic composites. Bio-based products require a protective coating for durability.

Bio-based floor requires more technical awareness due to potential low static load ratings and increased susceptibility to moisture, stains, and required maintenance. This means installation and maintenance costs will almost always be higher than PVC flooring options.

The benefits outweigh the challenges because you can create amazing sustainable environments with innovative bio-flooring solutions from numerous manufacturers.

There are a number of reasons that make bio-flooring a solid sustainable choice in commercial settings including:

  • Sustainable alternative to PVC flooring options
  • Lower carbon footprint in manufacturing process
  • Made with rapidly renewable materials
  • Includes some pre-consumer recycled content
  • Lower VOC emissions and off-gassing
  • Long expected life wear
  • Withstands heavy duty foot and rolling load traffic

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