Commercial Laminant Flooring

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Commercial Laminant Flooring

Commercial laminate flooring, which is both stylish, durable, low-maintenance, and far less expensive than genuine hardwood, is a popular choice for business use. Whatever your trade, we have a large selection of commercial laminate flooring to fit each style in our store. Our commercial laminate flooring is easy to clean, maintain, and keeps its best appearance whether you’re choosing for office space laminate flooring , lobby or storefront laminate flooring .

Commercial laminate flooring is a popular choice for residential installations due to its durability and adaptability. Commercial laminate flooring is composed of a decorative plastic laminate layer bonded to a core substance, which is then coated with a protective wear layer. Commercial laminate flooring can be created to resemble several materials, including hardwoods, stone, ceramic tile, and even metal. It’s also simple to install, making it popular among DIYers.

The Structure Of Commercial Laminate Flooring


Commercial laminate flooring of all types generally consists of four layers. The majority of the construction materials (about 85 percent) are a high-density fiberboard filler, which may contain a substantial amount of recycled material. The backing, also known as the balancing layer, is in direct touch with the underlayment or subfloor below.

The decorative print layer on top of the filler center gives the floor a beautiful surface appearance, which can be printed in any pattern or to resemble natural materials like hardwood. Above this is a heat-fused clear plastic laminate layer that is resistant to dirt and liquids penetration and protects the ornamental layer and base of the laminate. The difference between commercial-grade and home flooring products is defined by the thickness and quality of this wear layer.




Maintenance Of Commercial Laminate Flooring


Commercial laminate flooring has some of the same maintenance benefits and characteristics as residential laminate flooring, such as they cannot be refinished. Commercial laminate flooring, on the other hand, has a number of distinct features:

  • The scratch and penetration resistance of the surface wear layer is considerably superior than residential laminate.
  • The color of the surface wear layer protects against yellowing due to UV radiation, so it’s safe to use in public areas with windows.
  • Commercial warranties will usually have more provisions than residential guarantees, which cover things like practices, situations, and mistakes that can invalidate the guarantee.

Advantages Of Commercial Laminate Flooring


There are several advantages to commercial laminates over other floor coverings. These flooring choices are designed to endure lots of foot traffic from staff, consumers, and clients, as well as the effects of everyday grime and dust. Commercial-grade laminates also require little upkeep in order to retain their attractiveness. Vacuum up any dust that has settled on the surface and use a damp mop with laminate spray for a more thorough cleaning. While laminate is more moisture resistant than hardwood floors, water may still warp it. When cleaning laminate, make sure your mop isn’t dripping wet; it’s okay if it’s somewhat damp.

Commercial laminates are also a cost-effective solution when compared to other flooring choices, such as hardwood floorboards, which businesses may mistake them for. Companies may save money on their floors and use the savings to help their operations develop.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Laminate Flooring


There may be several distinct laminates flooring to pick from based on the rating you choose. It all comes down to personal preferences. Consider the color of your workplace walls and furnishings, as well as the aesthetic you want to create in your commercial space.

You should also think about the laminate’s thickness. While the AC rating is more significant in determining durability than the thickness, there are still several benefits to thick laminate boards. Thicker planks are easier to install and may save you money on installation by allowing for quicker installation. Thicker planks absorb sound better than thinner ones, making them ideal for shared offices and busy restaurants. A thicker plank provides a more pleasant walking experience than a thinner one because it has comparable underlayment.

There are several locking options available. The most popular and simplest to install is a glueless click laminate. Glued laminate, on the other hand, is far more durable but also more expensive to install. Laminates with underlays already attached are available in many different types of locks. Small and medium-sized businesses should consider the type of locking mechanism they want for their own repairs.

Last, consider the finish’s guarantee on your laminate flooring. The majority of laminate flooring is covered by a decade-long warranty. In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a lifetime guarantee. The longer a maker offers a warranty, the better it withstands wear and damage. Your warranty will also cover manufacturing flaws if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and care. You could risk voiding your warranty if you do not follow the maker’s instructions for installation and maintenance.

Commercial Laminant Conclusion


Commercial laminates flooring are relatively new, but they have a lot of advantages and are perfect for numerous small, medium, and large organizations.

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