Commercial Rubber Flooring

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Commercial Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is becoming an increasingly popular flooring solution in both residential and commercial spaces. There are reasons why rubber flooring is a great choice for a number of establishments.

Here Are Some Of The Major Benefits Of Commercial Rubber Flooring:

  • Rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain because it absorbs liquid well. Commercial Rubber Flooring can be swept or mopped with regular household cleaners to easily remove dirt, dust, oil or grease that accumulates on the surface. Commercial Rubber Flooring is also resistant to mold and mildew growth, which reduces the risk of slipping in moist areas like bathrooms.
  • Commercial Rubber Flooring gives you peace of mind because it offers excellent traction underfoot without compromising safety standards . Commercial rubber flooring provides anti-fatigue comfort thanks to its plush surface.
  • Commercial rubber flooring is ideal for use in areas where slips are likely to occur such as in warehouses and industrial facilities. Commercial Rubber Flooring is also a good addition to restaurants where accidents are common due to spilled drinks and dropped food.

Materials That Make Commercial Rubber Flooring


Commercial rubber flooring is made from sustainable materials . Commercial Rubber Flooring products use recycled rubber, which reduces the need for virgin material while helping our environment by reducing landfills. Commercial Rubber Flooring uses non-phthalate plasticizers and emits no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or heavy metals, making it a safe choice for your facility and product resale value over time. Commercial Rubber floors can be refurbished if necessary, extending their useful life and further reducing landfill impact.



Commercial Rubber Flooring Options


Commercial rubber flooring is also available in a variety of textures and patterns to improve slip resistance or add to the visual appeal of the finished product. Patterns may also assist with ADA compliance. The surface can be engraved with logos and other design elements. Tiles and sheet flooring are both available in a wide range of colors, including solid tones, marbleized tints, and speckled designs.

Natural (virgin) and synthetic rubbers are combined to make rubber flooring, which is molded or extruded. Vulcanization occurs during the curing process. Sulfur-based materials and other substances, as well as silicone-type release agents, are added during this molding procedure. The benefits of these chemicals are that a “no wax” floor is formed. A patina-type waxy substance is emitted from the flooring, giving wax protection against mineral grit scratching while allowing it to be stripped off the floor to give it a “like new” appearance once again.

Rubber Floor Conclusion


Rubber floor tiling, square rubber tiles, floor mats, interlocking tiles, and recycled rubber flooring are just a few of the options available to customers who want to install commercial rubber flooring . Rubber floor coverings have the following qualities: They are naturally slip-resistant and resistant to germs and fungus (ASTM G21). Additionally, furnishings are consistent (color permeates throughout the item), PVC-free/low VOC, and offer shock absorbing and acoustic qualities. Rubber goods have a long service life cycle, despite the fact that waxing and sealing is not necessary. This helps rubber to be an excellent option in many settings since maintenance of these floors is restricted due on account of the lack of waxing and sealing.

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