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What makes the best commercial flooring contractor?

The best flooring contractor should be licensed and insured: 

  • Since it indicates how trustworthy and legal the contractor is, but you also want to know they are covered if something goes wrong. Unforeseen circumstances can occur that have nothing to do with the floor (e.g., what if someone breaks a pipe by accident and you have a flood? What if the equipment catches on fire?). Do you want to be responsible for it, or would you rather have the contractor take responsibility? In many jurisdictions, contractors are required to include their license numbers on their business cards. You may look them up online or contact your local consumer protection agency. Also, double-check that the license is valid. These days, not everyone can afford to renew this on time, so keep an eye out for that as well.

The best flooring contractor must have references:

  •   It’s typical for a flooring contractor to have a few complaints. It is not an indicator that a contractor should be dismissed. If a collection of reviews is negative, it’s usually an indication that they’re genuine (In fact, having one or two terrible comments suggests that the collection of evaluations are fairly valid). The key is to examine how the owner handled the complaints. Were the claims valid? Did the business resolve (or attempt to solve) the problem? Was the owner polite and responsive? Another indicator is to examine the number of reviews. If someone has 20-25+ good reviews and just one or two negative ones, that’s typical. However, if someone has 5 positive evaluations but 2-3 are bad, that’s a serious red flag.

The best flooring contractor must know what could go wrong or what might cause the price to increase:

  • So customers know what’s included, what isn’t and what they are expected to do (e.g. they need to move loose/breakable items prior to our arrival). But, I also include that it does not include unforeseen issues in sub-floor. That’s because often, we can’t see what is under there.It’s one thing when you’re ripping up carpet and can pull it back to view what’s beneath. It’s a totally different story if the tile is exposed, and you don’t know what lies beneath it. I try to be upfront with my customers about what I’m guessing (I’ll ask them if they know what’s below), as well as how things will probably turn out (I try to tell them).

However, we can’t always tell if something is unforeseen. We’ve had situations where we lift the floor and discover that it’s damaged underneath, necessitating a replacement, or there’s mold or asbestos tile that we couldn’t have known about or anticipated. So, while you can’t always anticipate what your contractor will find, be understanding with him or her and remember that he or she may not be able to tell until after the floor is ripped up; recognize that your previous installer (or previous owner’s installer) might have made mistakes. At the same time, ask your contractor about what could go wrong – in order to be proactive.

The best flooring contractor should know how long the job should take. 


  • This can help you figure out how long your location is down and what might have caused the outage, as well as offer you some of the things that may go wrong and precautions you should take on your end. When putting the details together, be sure to ask about their availability to begin. Also confirm how long it will take (e.g. for product to be purchased/delivered and adjusted). Make sure you know how the project will develop – whether they’ll be there every day or skip days (note: some days may be required for drying time and many contractors don’t operate on Sundays).

The best flooring contractor must know how to contain dust and clean up.

  • There are several ways to limit the dust and debris, so get ahead of the game and prepare. Offer plastic protection for areas that aren’t being worked on, as well as drapery, chandeliers, and appliances. Make sure they’ll clean up after themselves. I’m speaking from experience when I say that not all contractors follow this advice.

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