Hardwood Floor Scratches

Can you fix a scratch on a hardwood floor? 

Hardwood floors provide one of the most beautiful and durable flooring options available on the market today. However, it is important to keep in mind that hardwood is a natural material that can be susceptible to scratching if you aren’t careful. 

Are Hardwood Scratches Bad? 

Scratches aren’t always a bad thing when it comes to hardwood. That’s because on some hardwood surface, scratches can add a bit more character to the texture of the flooring. In other cases, a scratch might cause an otherwise pristine finish to look out of place. 

Depending on your particular flooring and tastes, you may or may not want to repair the scratch. If you do, there are a few options available to you.

Hardwood Floor Scratches Plano
Hardwood Floor Scratches


For example, a small shallow scratch may require a stain pen or a can of stain with a color match or closely matching to the existing floor as possible. The key is to use the stain pen to add a small amount of stain to the scratched surface. By adding stain to the scratch, you can blend it in with the surrounding floor so the scratch is less visible. If your hardwood flooring is lighter in color, it may be best to apply the stain with a towel or sponge first, so you have more control over how dark the stain is making the scratch. Otherwise, you may find that the scratch stands out even more. As always, you can test a small area of the scratch to see what kind of results you will get once the stain is completely dry. That way, you will end up with an unexpected result. 


A great alternative to using stain to repair scratches is to apply melted wax that closely matches color to the scratch. Wax kits are available in a wide variety. Some people we know have even used a crayon to fill in a scratch and then used a heat gun or blow dryer to mold the crayon into the scratch. The trick with this method is to use heat until the wax is slightly melted and then apply it to the scratch on the floor. You will want to fill to just above the scratch. Once you’ve done that, use a clean rag to buff the scratch and surrounding area to blend it in until you do not notice it as much. 


Nadamoo Wood Filler
Nadamoo Wood Filler

For large scratches or chips in your hardwood flooring, you are likely to need a sustainable wood filler, a stain pen, or stain matching your floor.  You can use a small painters tool or putty knife and a sanding sponge or sandpaper. The first step is to apply some painters tape around the scratched area and then add the wood filler into the scratch while taking care to  keep the surface as smooth as possible. Once dry you will want to lightly sand the area and attempt to feather the edges with the surrounding floor to blend it in. Next, apply stain to the repaired area. It’s always a great idea to test the look of the stain on the wood filler in an inconspicuous area or on a piece of scrap wood to make sure the stain turns out well on the wood filler.  

These are just a few ideas on the ways that you could fix a scratch on a hardwood floor. For heavier damage, you will want to replace or refinish the damaged area. However, this can be time consuming and expensive, so if you can use one of the methods above for smaller scratches, you can definitely increase the life and usefulness of your hardwood floor.


After you have completed repairing a scratch on your hardwood floor, make sure to clean the hardwood floor properly!

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