Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Do you have hardwood floors installed in your home? 

Having trouble deciding what product to use to clean your hardwood floor? 

As you know, there are so many cleaning products to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for your floor. 

Types of Cleaners

Many people like to use products like Mop & Glow, Murphy’s Oil Soap or Bona Polish. 

The truth is that each cleaning product available on the market will have a different effect on the flooring surface and leave a different finish, which may or may not be to your liking. 


Some products will leave a finish looking clean and much the same as the original finish, while other products will leave the finish more shiny. The truth is that a shiny surface is not always best because it can also be more slick even to the point that it is dangerous. 

Also, it is important to keep in mind that just because a product creates a certain look and finish after the first use, it may not look that way over the long-term. That’s because some products will build up over time and cause a different finish to emerge. 

Another factor to consider is how harsh the product may be on the finish of the floor. The more harsh the product in general, the more potential it has to adversely affect a natural flooring material like hardwood. 

Vinegar & Water

What we like to do is add a small amount of vinegar to warm water and use a very lightly wet mop to go over the surface of your hardwood floor. The amount of water used should be so little that the floor dries almost immediately. You only need to use just enough solution to break up any dirt, dust and other debris that may be present on your hardwood flooring. 

No Standing Water

Always take great care not to allow any water to stand on hardwood flooring as the flooring may absorb the liquid and cause damage to the floor. 

We find that vinegar is provides the most cleaning potential with the least harsh effect on the hardwood flooring surface.

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