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Commercial Carpet Details

Commercial carpet are intended for use in heavy duty situations, such as in the lobby of an office building or in a hotel. Commercial carpet can be made from synthetic materials designed to handle high foot traffic with ease or it can be made of natural fibers that tend to wear better under constant abuse. Commercial carpets are designed with extra padding to increase comfort and reduce noise when people are walking on it. Commercial carpets come in several colors and patterns, but they all have certain properties in common.

Carpet Flooring


They are designed to be both more cost effective than other types of carpet, while also offering some durability. Carpet flooring provide an insulating layer between the cold floor and your feet. Carpets can even lower noise levels in some cases, depending on the type of carpet installed. Carpets come with some disadvantages, though. They need proper care and maintenance to stay looking nice for years or decades to come. Carpets attract dust that must be cleaned regularly. Pets do the same thing, so many people who own pets find carpets make it harder to keep their home clean enough for them to live there comfortably year round.

People usually install commercial carpet inside their offices because of its ability to handle large amounts of foot traffic. Carpet is also easy to clean and does not show scuff marks as easily as other flooring types. Carpets are attractive, but they do pose some risks. Carpets trap moisture under them, which can lead to mold growth if it is not properly dried. Carpets are also difficult to maintain because of the material they are made from. It takes special steps to clean a carpet properly, otherwise they will wear out quickly or look dirty all the time despite efforts at cleaning them regularly.



Types of Commercial Carpet

  • Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the most common types of area rugs available. Installing them is incredibly simple, and you can usually finish the project on your own in a few hours. They also generate less waste than broadloom carpet, since you have to cut down less to fit the area. The biggest advantage of carpet tiles is that they come in a wide range of colors and patterns, as well as several designs. You can also use different colors or rotate the tile to create your own designs with carpet tiles. Commercial carpet tiles are also simple to replace if they get soiled or damaged. Simply lift up the faulty tile and replace it with a new one.

  • Commercial Carpet Planks

In many ways, carpet planks are like carpet tiles. They’re simple to put in and result in less material waste than traditional carpets. These newer carpet planks are most distinct in terms of form. You have more freedom when it comes to design with the longer plank form. Cover your commercial space with carpets and experiment with contemporary geometric patterns.

  • Commercial Carpet Rolls

Traditional broadloom is still the most popular commercial carpet type, with carpets made of tiles and planks gaining in popularity. Carpet rolls are generally less expensive per square foot than tile or plank carpets since they cover a larger surface area. Because broadloom is a versatile material that may be used for both modest and big jobs, it’s an excellent option for cost-effective projects as well as major undertakings.

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