High Traffic Commercial Flooring

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High Traffic Area?

Commercial properties often have multiple high traffic areas that post some unique flooring challenges that need to be accounted for when choosing the best flooring solution to meet your needs. 

There are specific types of floors that are preferred for high traffic and each has specific advantages that make them the best investment for your commercial space.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a practical solution for commercial properties because it is easy to install, while it performs well to resist spill and scuffs under heavy use. Vinyl may also be a great solution because it can mimic a variety of more costly solutions that would not be practical in a commercial flooring setting. Vinyl flooring is also flexible in terms of aesthetics that can match your decor regardless of color schemes and other considerations. 

While luxury vinyl may not be the best solution for a commercial kitchen flooring or other industrial settings, it can be ideal for commercial storefront locations, dining areas, spas, and other high-traffic areas. 

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Stone and Porcelain Tiles

Stone and porcelain tiles can be a great solution due to their durability and they are budget friendly. The downsides of stone and porcelain tiles are that they require regular maintenance and the design possibilities are far more limited than other solutions. Stone represents a great long-term investment, though it only maintains its aesthetic appeal if it is cleaned regularly. If running a business, you will want to maintain a clean environment at all times, so cleaning these stone and porcelain materials may not be a major factor in your final flooring decision. 

High Traffic Commercial Flooring
Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring offers extra safety due to traction as it is slip-resistant and easy on the feet, making it a great solution to keep employees comfortable and most productive. Rubber flooring also has the added advantage of reducing sounds of carts and footsteps as it absorbs the impact. 

Although there are many more flooring options available for commercial spaces, vinyl, stone, and rubber represent amazing solutions that work in most commercial settings.

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