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North Dallas Commercial Flooring provides exceptional commercial flooring services in North Dallas. We take great pride in exceeding expectations and always coming through on our promises. We specialize in commercial flooring, with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our employees are trained for years, and have decades of experience installing floors. We maintain strong relationships with suppliers and distributors to provide our customers with the best prices on any project they were looking to do.

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Who is North Dallas Commercial Flooring?

We specialize in serving North Dallas with all commercial flooring needs.

Plano Commercial Flooring is committed to providing clients with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of an office space. The reason we’re experts? We have decades of experience and we provide high-quality flooring products and installation for you to match your workplace aesthetic.

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North Dallas Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring Contractor


No Job Is Too Big

Commercial Carpet & Carpet Tile

Commercial carpet should be beautiful as well as durable. We can help you find the right flooring for your project.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Have questions about your vinyl floor needs? We can help you find the right flooring for your budget and schedule, then install it to perfection.

Commercial Rubber Flooring

Commercial Rubber Flooring provides a solution that is safe, durable, comfortable enough for any environment, and stain resistant too!

  • Glued laminate
  • Floating (glue-free)
  • Laminate
  • Pre-glued flooring
  • Laminate with Attached Underlayment
Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl plank
  • Vinyl tile
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Commercial Vinyl plank
  • Commercial Vinyl Tile
  • Ceramic Floor & Wall Tile
  • Slip-resistant Tile
  • Metal & Glass Tile
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
  • Natural Stone
  • Granite
  • Broadloom
  • Carpet Tile
  • Walk-off Carpet
  • Static Dissipative Carpet
Textile Flooring
  • Waterproof Flooring
  • Concrete Surfacing
  • LVT Flooring
  • Matting and Floor
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Rubber Surfacing
  • Weight Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Yoga
  • Aerobic
Resilient Flooring
  • Rubber Tile & Rubber Sheet Flooring
  • Vinyl
  • VCT
  • LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Cork
  • SDT
  • Bio-based Tile
Wood Flooring
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Reclaimed
  • Engineered

Commercial Flooring Services

We are North Dallas Commercial Flooring. Our passion and expertise translate into the highest quality workmanship at competitive prices for our valued customers!

Serving the North Dallas Metro, our skilled crews of experienced flooring experts are eager to handle your commercial or industrial projects! From concrete flooring to tile removal and installation, laminate, vinyl, tile, textile work and repairs, resilient floors of all kinds for any type of need.

We provide quality workmanship at competitive prices, and we offer excellent customer service from start to finish. 

If you are looking for flooring in North Dallas, we offer quotes and bids with Competitive Pricing!

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Commercial Flooring Installation

North Dallas Commercial Flooring is a trusted contractor to get your floors and installation. We don’t just provide you with affordable work, we help you find the perfect aesthetic balance in your interior design between subtle, clean design, and accent pieces for functionality that take your space to the next level.

Clients always feel new energy once they incorporate new color and textures into their commercial space. Sometimes the transformation is so dramatic, it is like having a whole new space! Whether you are looking for simplicity and functionality or design and aesthetics, we approach every project with creative ideas that will make your project a success.

We strive to elevate the existing aesthetic or work towards a complete transformation if that’s what you want. Our reliable flooring experts will provide competitive quotes and bids which mirror your budget while improving your décor. Our professional floor installers will provide you with a free estimate to meet your the needs of your project.

Adding commercial flooring to your office or industrial space can be stressful for people who are not savvy when it comes to the process. If you are in this boat and want help, contact our team of experts. We give you personalized customer service for premium and customized work, so we’re able to work with you as your own personal project manager.

Take a look at our complete list of commercial flooring services.

Total Project Management

We will plan, oversee and adhere to designing a flooring installation that lets you do what it is you need to do. From selecting the right tiles or carpets to planning an efficient installation process we are happy to be your one stop shop for commercial floor installations.

With hard work and a little bit of luck, we deliver projects on time and stay within your budget; and in the event, something goes wrong, we’re always happy to take care of it. Our knowledgeable staff can help to bring your vision of flooring installation into reality.

Project Planning
Specifications and Design

We help you get the best design for your budget and commercial facility, whether in midtown Atlanta or anyplace across the globe. Our staff of experienced flooring specialists can help you select the best design for your budget, commercial facility, and timeline requirements.

Flooring for your design and project vision

Need expert guidance regarding what flooring is best for your project? Already know exactly what you are looking for?

At North Dallas Commercial Flooring, we know that choosing the right flooring for your new space can be challenging. To help make big decisions easier, we’ll show you samples of materials from our selection to help you create a vision that works with your design choices or fits within certain specification constraints.

We also provide updates on current trends and the latest designs so you always have the best information possible.

Lifecycle Maintenance and Cost
Make sure you get the most economical solution for your budget and needs

The long-term cost of flooring is often higher than the cost of initial material and installation. We can provide life cycle reports for flooring types to learn about the long-term costs of the material and product. When choosing the type of flooring for your commercial space, research is going to help you make a better decision.

LEED Certification
Flooring for Green and LEED Certification

Our flooring experts understand LEED certification and can help you choose materials that are both energy-efficient and low VOC.

Flooring Preparation
Preparation is Key

We identify risks and potential problems before beginning a project to ensure that we offer the right flooring for your needs. We specialize in carpet and tile removal services, but we also provide concrete floor grinding. We are a leading flooring contractor in North Dallas, Texas, and offer the best flooring solutions for your project.

Project Estimation
The right floor for your budget

We evaluate your project to identify the appropriate type and quantity of flooring you need. These estimates allow us to accurately estimate the project’s cost. They can help you make an informed decision on materials and installation cost, which meets your budget. When you work with North Texas Commercial Flooring, we can get you the best prices on any floor that meets your needs.

Installation and Project Coordination
Efficiency, Safety and Expertise

Few things are more important than safety on site. That’s why our trained project managers maintain a clean and organized work site that provides efficiency and helps protect workers by providing them with the materials they need to get the job done right.

Flooring Care and Maintenance
Protect your flooring investment

A maintenance plan allows you to enjoy the maximum value from your flooring investment. The specific type of material and use in your facility will influence the frequency of required maintenance. Within a building, this may require relatively frequent or infrequent cleaning in addition to daily janitorial services. We will work with you to identify the best plan for your flooring that will safeguard it against different types of damage.

Commercial Flooring Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide bids and quotes?


We offer bids and quotes for all of our commercial flooring services, including bids on materials and installation specifications.

How can I clean my floors to keep them looking new?

Proper maintenance of newly installed floors is a must to keep them looking and performing like new. In order to keep your flooring looking its best and resisting dirt and debris, you must learn the proper care of the type of flooring that is in use and appropriate maintenance for a specific environment. Before you start cleaning your floors, make sure to understand what type of materials may work best for one’s specific floor.

How often do I need to replace my flooring?

Depending on the type of flooring that has been installed as well as various other factors, the frequency of commercial flooring replacement can vary greatly. If the flooring is not installed with care, it may lead to damage to the floors themselves and potentially the materials. There are a variety of things that can affect the longevity of your floor. For example, weather events and sun exposure can both have an impact on how long it lasts. When considering new flooring, it is always smart to think about different options so you find something which suits what you need for your specific purposes.

What is the best color to pick?

The best color to pick for a design will depend on the specific outcomes you’re trying to achieve. Choose your colors ahead of time so that once they’ve been installed and any potential difficulties are fixed well in advance. Coordinating color, texture, and other design elements can help to give the space a cohesive feel. There are so many colors and materials! We work with suppliers to get you the best quality materials for your project. Let us know and we can provide samples and consult with you about your project upon request. 

How much will I pay for flooring?

Flooring is never a one-size-fits-all purchase, and price can depend on many factors. For example, how difficult of an installation it will be, or the condition of the subfloor and how well it will accept new materials. If the current flooring surfaces are cracking, rotting, or in need of repair, that will also affect the cost. There is no general rule for what it may cost you to redo a floor for any given project. We offer competitive quotes, bids, and we never begin working on a project without your prior approval. You will only deal with one company for Commercial Flooring!

We Use Top Quality Commercial Flooring Materials

Armstrong Flooring
daltile flooring
johnsonite flooring
Mohawk flooring
shaw flooring

Top quality materials equate to top quality results. From Armstrong Flooring, daltile, Johnsonite Flooring, Mohawk, Royalty, and Shaw Flooring, and retro coat. We use the best products available on the market! Plano Commercial Flooring is your “One Source Flooring” solution! We are a flooring company in the Dallas, Texas metro. 



At PCF, we are committed to the safety of our people! We strive to create a safe working environment with a goal of zero workplace incidents. Safety is a major part of our company culture and depends on everyone’s attention to ensure that every worker goes home safely at the end of the workday.


Part of our success relies on a foundation of service and building long-term relationships with customers, as well as the communities where we work. PCF is honored to have earned the loyalty of our customers over the years by putting people before profits. This core philosophy is encouraged throughout our culture from our leaders and foremen at the job sites. 


At PCF, our integrity is fundamental to our business! We work with all of our leaders and crews to create amazing flooring projects for our clients and the communities we serve. Our integrity is based upon honesty, fairness, and accountability at all times in every project we are involved with. 



Shopping for flooring can get confusing. In this video, Shaw Floors explains the differences between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Watch and understand how to make the right choice for your space.

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